Somebody Turn On The Heat!

Alright Easterners, you’ve had your fun. Can we please have our heat back now? Sure we had that record heat wave there for a while, but now we can’t even go to the beach it’s so cold. We’ve only been getting highs in the seventies this past week. And Laguna Beach, for whatever reason, is consistently five to ten degrees colder than Laguna Hills, where we live. I walked outside yesterday morning, and it felt like autumn. The sun was shining, but there was a chill in the air. And I hated it. We came here to be hot! Alright, well at least I did.

On another note, CONGRATULATIONS TO CHRIS AND ALLISON ON THEIR ENGAGEMENT! Another pair of God’s children who will be living happily ever after. Hee hee. Way to go guys! And here’s the happy couple now…


Note: Not actual engagement photographs.

But these ones are:


2 thoughts on “Somebody Turn On The Heat!”

  1. Beleive me, I don’t mind giving you our heat.
    Well, maybe last weeks heat. Right now, it’s perfect in little ‘ol Delaware. Not hot, not cold. Just perfect. 😀

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