Update on Life

So yeah, you probably haven’t heard from me in a while. Here’s a brief low down, and I plan to expand later. The beta for the game I’m programming is due tomorrow. (Although I’m still waiting for Sony’s server to work so I can test networking, for the final animations for most of my characters, for my producer to make up his mind about key aspects of the game, and for me to finish all the little things I’ve been pushing off until now.) Amanda finally found a job and starts tomorrow. We need a new car since Amanda’s Lebaron is on its last rusty legs, so we’ve been trying to make that decision. And finally, I need new shoes, because mine squeak, leak, and are generally falling apart. So I hope you can understand the general busy-ness that we’ve been facing. As I said, I plan to elaborate on most of this stuff, but I need to go back to work now (I’ve been working weekends for a while now, but Amanda usually comes with me to test my game, so that’s swell). In the meantime, here’s two links I hope you might find inspiring.

Zombie Rights March Protested By Pirates

WYEP’s 100 Top American Albums

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