Christianity Across Countries

I learned this in a youth leadership conference hosted by Group Magazine, and I thought it was fascinating. In Britain, only 8% of people attend church weekly. Fewer than 10% of British children attend Sunday School. Compare that to the 45% of Americans who weekly attend church. Also of interest is that 95% of Americans say they believe in God. So why do we hear so much about people wanting to keep religion out of our courtrooms, our Pledge of Allegiance, our schools? Anybody have any thoughts on that?

3 thoughts on “Christianity Across Countries”

  1. how sad that this country is so afraid of the lawyers that so few people can ruin it for so many…or is it that so many are afraid. yet we say we have faith —then why are we afraid?

  2. We hear about it more and more because the news and media has nothing better to report on. I personally think the media in this country is controlled by non-religious liberals who distort America’s true image just to attract a few viewers. You mainly hear about this kind of stuff in big liberal cities like Chicago and NYC, but in most cities I do no think it is a problem. Harrison City for example does not have this kind of opposition to nativitie scenes etc etc. I also see more and more people trying to be politically correct and in turn, more and more christians are afraid they might not be pc. The minority groups in the US have always been more vocal and in turn create a preception that is over exaggerated.

  3. I would assert that religion and a faith in God are completely different things. Religion is an organized extra-governmental system that really has no place in controlling the day-to-day affairs of the normal citizen. Faith in God is a personal choice and process that can lead to self-development or increased confidence. The two are and should be completely separate. Just my two cents.

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