What Does Christianity Have to Offer?

Tonight I had an important revelation, with the help of the brothers at my men’s Bible study. Gabe pointed out that the Christian life is not usually a “happier” life than a non-believer’s, and that we’re foolish if we try to share the Gospel by convincing people they will be more satisfied with Jesus in their lives. So I wondered aloud what benefit we can offer to those who don’t know the Lord, if knowing Jesus will likely make their lives more difficult through persecution, struggle, and sometimes even disdain. After some more discussion, I found the answer. We’re not salesmen, trying to convince people that they need what we’re selling. Rather, everyone has the need to know the Creator and to be loved by Him. God designed us that way. That need is more evident in some than in others, but everyone is searching. This search comes in a thousand forms; in the search for love, or purpose, or understanding, or healing. The search for success, or the search for knowledge. Everyone is born with the question. Our purpose is merely to point them toward the answer.

One thought on “What Does Christianity Have to Offer?”

  1. I think we all struggle with this as Christians. The harvest is not for us to reap, but we are charged with planting the seeds. We may never know what influence we’ve had on people, but that doesn’t mean we should stop trying.

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