Amanda’s surprise birthday party was a success! At four o’clock yesterday I took Amanda to the beach. The (supposed) plan was to meet a couple of our friends, Steven and Eva, and their kids for a few hours of beach time. Amanda did a great job of guiding herself through the deception. Through a couple conversations with Eva, we even had Amanda believing that she had helped decide the time and location of our meeting! Of course it couldn’t have been too easy. We had some lightning and foreboding thunder clouds yesterday morning (the first since we’ve been here, I think) that I got to stress out about for a while.

Below are some pictures from the event. I wish I could’ve gotten pics of her reaction when we first got to the beach. Her confusion upon recognizing so many familiar faces was priceless!
Tara and JasonCramers and LangesJason, Ed and Caren, Bob and MattCallie, John P, Gabe, and Baby Mark!Baby Mark!Callie, Cindy, and JohnBob and MattIrene, Rick, and Stevenimg_5356.JPGimg_5357.JPGEva and AmandaAmanda and some guy

Thanks to everyone who showed up, and to everyone who helped in the preparation and planning!

P.S. Someone left a pair of bolle sunglasses, which we have with us at our house. If you can identify the exact number of fingerprints on the lenses, you can have them back.

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