California Is On Fire

Some of you may have been more aware of this than Amanda and I were, since we don’t often watch/read the news. We knew there were fires burning in So Cal, but we didn’t realize any were so close. We woke up yesterday (Monday) morning to huge gusts of wind, and a strange mustard color in the sky. We had to pick up Amanda’s car from the shop that morning, and as we were driving further north we started to see ash falling from the sky. The sky was filled with semi-dissipated smoke, which caused the grey-yellow, hazy appearance.

I work in Irvine, twenty minutes north of where we live, and as I drove in that direction the grey sky became blacker. The road I was traveling on was blocked off immediately after where our office building is, and I could see black smoke, occasionally lit by a bright yellow flame, billowing from the ground ahead of me.


Those pictures were taken from in front of our office. I took some videos of the smoke, fire trucks, and helicopters, but they won’t seem to upload. Let me know if you’d like to see them.

It was a totally surreal experience. Ash was falling everywhere you go (kind of looks like the very light snowfall you get on a sunny but cold day). Everything was lit with an eerie yellow hue from the clouds. The air was thick with the smell of a bonfire. Irvine looked like Mordor. The air was very dry, and our fluff magnet Teddie kept shocking us every time we touched him. It was extremely windy, but the winds were warm; the Santa Ana winds come straight from off the desert.

In case you don’t know what’s going on, here’s some articles about the fires.

No quick end seen to Southern California wildfires

Fire affects TV shows, celebrities

That second article is interesting because the Marine air base where they were filming “24” is right next to us, directly up the road in those pictures towards the fire. No wonder they had to cancel shooting.

Things have improved a lot today. It’s still hazy out, but not overcast with doom. Ash is still falling as much as yesterday though. We’re supposed to go to a friend’s company picnic down in San Diego on Saturday, but I just received word that it may be canceled, because so many of the people involved have been evacuated or are concerned for the safety of their homes. Please pray for those who have been injured, and those forced to leave their homes.

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