So… Am I A Victim Of Identity Theft?

So I was Googling my name yesterday (a common past time among nerds such as myself), when I came across this. Did you look at it? I almost passed it up at first. But look closer. Apparently there’s another Jason MacAllister who lives in Nova Scotia. But his profile picture is of me; I uploaded it to this very site about a year ago. I can only assume that he Googled his (our) name once upon a time, found that picture, and thought it was compelling enough to upload as his own profile pic.

Pretty crazy, huh? I’m going to attempt to make contact. Let’s hope he’s friendly…

3 thoughts on “So… Am I A Victim Of Identity Theft?”

  1. That certainly is odd. I wouldn’t call it identity theft, since even if he is trying to pretend to be you, his profile is private, so it’s not doing a lot of good.
    I would be interested in seeing what he has to say about that, though.

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