I Had An Amazing Nightmare

I had an amazing nightmare last night. It only lasted a few seconds. I was standing in the driveway of a house I had never seen before. Suddenly the screen door swung open. I saw a black shadow dart out the door towards me, and the door slammed shut behind it. I couldn’t really see what was approaching because there was a truck between the door and me, blocking my view. From the glimpses I caught I thought it looked like a large black lab. Suddenly it leaped into the air, over the truck and towards my face. I realized how similar to a dog it was, but also how wrong I had been. Its hair was long and matted, hanging in ragged chunks from its flanks and below its belly. There was an impossible number of teeth in its mouth, and they were all much more long and needle-like than on normal canines. I think I caught a glimpse of a hairless, shriveled snout and dull red eyes before its mouth clamped onto the left side of my neck. Suddenly I was physically awake, but still mentally involved in the dream. I realized that I wasn’t moving, that I couldn’t move, and this beast was mauling me. I tried to defend myself, but it took all of my concentration just to roll my head to the left, covering the exposed area of my neck. By no longer exposing the area the creature was attacking, I was able to wrench myself out of the dream. I was exhausted.

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