Javaground Update: Underworld Mobile Game

I haven’t written about my game dev progress in a while, and in fact a lot has been going on. Right before Christmas I wrapped up development of the game Underworld: Rise of the Lycans. This was a very quick project, intended as a marketing tool for the movie (which was released January 23rd). It was a fun project because I got to write it from scratch, and I had a lot of creative freedom over it. And since the timeline for development was so short, we weren’t slowed down by multiple art or gameplay revisions. Underworld is a simple fighting game, where you can play as a vampire or Lycan (werewolf) and duel to the death against the other race. We ported to over 100 devices, though unfortunately it was for international markets only, and therefore not available to U.S. customers. The one version that is available to Americans is for the iPhone. This was one of the first iPhone apps we’ve written at Javaground, and I’d highly recommend checking it out if you have an iPhone or iPod Touch. It’s free. 😉

Underworld Screenshot 1 Underworld Screenshot 2 Underworld Screenshot 3

Underworld Title Screen

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