Kenya Trip – Narok School

The following day, March 4th, we went to a school in Narok to treat the ill from the surrounding area. On the way to the site, we first stopped at Reverend John’s church. Women from the church’s Women’s Guild had food and tea prepared for us there, and we were given a tour of the grounds. We were also met by a few government nurses, who were helping us treat that day.

Once everyone was assembled, we were escorted by members of the church to the school. There was a huge amount of patients waiting for us, all scattered around the school grounds. I worked with several other non-medical types outside,?taking patients’ name, age, weight, symptoms, and blood pressure. Amanda and our nurses set up a number of treatment stations inside the largest classroom, and our pharmacy and lab were set up in other rooms. We were missing a piece needed for the lab’s generator, so Amos was unable to perform most of the tests until the afternoon, when someone brought us what we needed.

Most of the patients we saw were?older men and women, but we also saw a huge number of students (most of them from the school). The kids were excited that we were from the United States, as Barack Obama is seen as a national hero in Kenya. For lunch we were invited to the home of one of our Kenyan hosts, but it was difficult to leave the overwhelming number of patients. They were disappointed that we were leaving, even though we promised to be back quickly. We did return quickly, and managed to see all the patients that stuck around to wait for us. In total, we saw over 300 patients that day.

After treating all day, we attended a dinner that was hosted for us by both the Narok Town Council, and the Narok County Council. Many of the council members had speeches prepared for us, and several members of our team (including Jason) were asked to address the councils as well. It was great to meet so many people who were happy with our partnership, but it was a long ceremony, especially since we were all exhausted from the long treatment day.

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