UniWar Now Available on iPhone!

Javaground’s first independent game, UniWar, is now available for purchase on the iPhone and iPod Touch through the App Store. We plan to charge $7.99 for the game (believe me it’s worth it), but to boost awareness of the game, we’re currently only charging 99 cents. Golly, that makes me want to go get an iPhone just so I can buy UniWar for a dollar!

If you missed my feature post on the game, you can read it all here. And if you do buy the game, feel free to challenge me to a match. My player name is ‘jason,’ and even without an iPhone, I have my own means of playing the game. 😉

We also found another preview of UniWar, which is noteworthy because it refers to Javaground as the developer of Wheel of Fortune for the iPhone. It looks like working on such a well-known game may pay off through name recognition!

Additional versions of the game, which will allow you to play with any other players, including iPhone users, will become available soon.

UniWar Logo

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