Kenya Trip – Gary and Mary’s Mission Compound

On Friday the medical team rode back to the dispensary in Olkinyiei to work with the nurses there a second time. Gary had other plans for me, however. He had a couple of computer problems that he wanted me to look at. I was able to set up his new hard drive that had him stumped, so it was exciting for me to have my own particular expertise utilized (they don’t often find computer technicians out in the bush!)

Joseph in Gary and Marys' Guest HouseI also had the opportunity to listen to Gary help some of the Maasai preachers prepare a sermon for the coming Sunday. Gary did a mini-sermon himself, pointing out what he felt was important about the Bible passage, and the Maasai listened and took notes. Gary encouraged them to make their sermon their own; to relate the Biblical stories to the experiences of their people and of themselves.

I also spent a lot of time talking with Gary and Mary that day. It was interesting how easily I felt like I had something in common with this family, since they were the only other white people we had seen in a while. But I quickly learned that we had many differences as well, as we discussed not only their mission work, but also their experiences in Ireland.

Packed Land RoverAt the end of the day, I went with Gary to retrieve our team from the dispensary. There were a number of Maasai there who wanted a ride home, so we crammed all these guests in Gary’s Land Rover along with our entire team. As we drove through the barren savannah, the Maasai suddenly shouted for Gary to stop. This was their stop, we learned, though there was nothing we could see that differentiated this spot of land from all the land behind and in front of us.

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