Zombieland is a horror/comedy zombie movie now showing in theatres. It’s also a side scrolling gore-fest mobile game that I developed! It has recently been released on all major carriers, including iPhone.

Zombieland Screenshot 1So far it’s getting pretty darn good reviews, which is exciting. It has a four-star rating (out of five) on the iTunes App Store. And Touch Arcade incredulously labeled it a “fun movie game.”

For more information, you can check out the Sony Pictures page for the game, or for a more loving treatment of the game, see the Facebook fan page, which was created by the producer of the game.

Zombieland Screenshot 2Now bear in mind that if you’re going to check out the game on iTunes, it’s listed as iZombieland there. The original Zombieland application is a simple free app developed strictly for marketing purposes, and unfortunately has not received very favorable reviews. So don’t get it confused with our zombie-slaughtering action game!

All the screenshots here are from the iPhone version of the game, which has the highest blood-to-zombie ratio. Hooray for headshots!

Zombieland Screenshot 3

Zombieland Screenshot 4

Zombieland Screenshot 5

Zombieland Screenshot 6

Zombieland Screenshot 7

2 thoughts on “Zombieland!”

  1. The game is really fun. Great job!
    It’s a lot harder than I expected; The third level, All You Can Eat, is kicking my butt at the moment…

  2. Haha yeah, that level happens to be one of the more difficult ones until you get to the end. Don’t worry, it’ll get easier… then it’ll get harder again!

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