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Amanda in Kenya!

Amanda is now in Kenya, Africa for a two-week mission trip. I’m sure she’ll have tons of amazing stories and pictures when she gets back, but in the meantime, you can keep (somewhat) up-to-date with the trip by following along with their blog. They seem to update it semi-regularly, so check back often! Or set up an RSS feed, like that amazing Chris Owens fellow does.

Uh… Monthly Update?

Man, has it been that long since I posted last? I’ve come to the conclusion that time sucks. Otherwise it wouldn’t go so fast.

A run down of what’s happened with Amanda and I since last we blogged:

  • Went whale watching. Saw a megapod of dolphins; literally thousands of them. Is megapod a word? Hmm, yes it is. Means having large feet.
  • Enjoyed 300. Dreamed about seeing it 300 more times.
  • Went surfing for the second time. Caught a wave!
  • Had Chris in town for a long weekend. Saved for him the worst California weather this year.
  • Got no house cleaning done.
  • Beat Half-Life 2. Yeah I know, nobody cares.
  • Got shot in the face with an airsoft gun.
  • Had my cousins Lindsay and Reed here for their spring break. Reveled in electronic gaming goodness.
  • Went to dinner and a theatre performance in L.A. For free. Baby’s on the half-tip!
  • Didn’t go to Mexico.

I would like to elaborate on most of these topics, so expect more posts soon. Maybe I’ll do one a day; gee, wouldn’t that be exciting? And of course I’ll include pretty pictures to go with the words. In the meantime, here’s a sneak preview of what you can expect:

Palm Trees!Dolphins!Deception!Confusion!Disgust!Big Hats!

Deck The Halls!

Well, way late- but here are pics of how we decorated our home for Christmas. Not much since we didn’t spend Christmas here! And our first fake tree- so much easier than real ones…. Well Happy New Year everyone!
Wreath on Front Doorimg_3447.jpgimg_3417.jpgimg_3412.jpgimg_3613.jpgday-at-virginia-beach.jpgimg_3414.jpgimg_3614.jpg

Midgets Make For Horrible Dreams… But Excellent Nightmares!

I had a dream last night where Grandpa Mac was driving this giant school bus, the size of an 18-wheeler, around Harrison City. Ryan Quinn and I were riding in the front two seats, and my grandpa was driving from the back seat somehow. We were driving up Regola, and Ryan and I saw this little kid playing in the street in front of Chris Matechan’s house. We thought it was funny that my grandpa was driving right for the kid, until we realized that he couldn’t see her, so we shouted for him to stop. He didn’t stop nearly early enough, and he had to drive up to the Stakors’ to turn the truck-bus around. We drove back down the hill, and when we jumped out of the bus, we found that it wasn’t a little child but a middle-aged woman whom we had run over. Her leg was all twisted and disfigured, but when we tried to call 911 she hobbled away and said she didn’t need our help. She went into the Matechan’s house, which I guess was her house, and we saw that she was having a whole midget-party, with all her midget relatives. I spent the rest of the dream playing with her fat midget-kids, trying to convince her that I was friendly enough to watch her kids while she went to the hospital to get her leg reattached correctly.

I wish I had pictures to post here too, but I don’t because it was only a dream. Maybe if I get inspired I’ll draw some pictures and add them later.

Christmas Plans

Heyo Pennsylvanias: Amanda and I are coming to town! We’ll be in Harrison City from December 23rd to January 1st. The rough idea is that we’ll be spending most of our time with Jason’s family in the first half of the week, then more with Amanda’s family in the latter half. Hopefully we’ll find some time to chill with friends in the mix there. We’re thinking of having our annual New Years party at the Portsers again this year, to leave with a bang (literally, if Mogush shows up again this year). Just be aware that our flight leaves Pittsburgh at six in the morning, so we’ll be going straight from the party to the airport. Ugh.




I’ll probably be sending out formal invitations in a few, but leave a comment if you think you’ll be coming, not coming, or are just plain interested.

Welcome to the World, Paige Elizabeth!

Baby Paige!.jpg

We’d like to congratulate Amanda’s brother Zack and his wife Tiffany on the birth of their first child, Paige! She was born early in the morning on Saturday, July 8th at 6:20 AM CST. Paige weighs 7 pounds, 8 ounces, and is 19 and a half inches long. She has a full head of dark hair, and beautiful blue eyes. Zack says she’s very active and alert, and is fascinated by her surroundings. As you can see from this picture taken at the hospital, baby Paige looks a lot like Tiffany! Zack and Tiffany are very happy and proud, and will make very loving parents. If you would like to contact Zack, you can IM him at Invisible267, or e-mail either of us for his e-mail address.