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So… Am I A Victim Of Identity Theft?

So I was Googling my name yesterday (a common past time among nerds such as myself), when I came across this. Did you look at it? I almost passed it up at first. But look closer. Apparently there’s another Jason MacAllister who lives in Nova Scotia. But his profile picture is of me; I uploaded it to this very site about a year ago. I can only assume that he Googled his (our) name once upon a time, found that picture, and thought it was compelling enough to upload as his own profile pic.

Pretty crazy, huh? I’m going to attempt to make contact. Let’s hope he’s friendly…

Congratulations Chris and Allison!

Last weekend, September 27th-30th, Amanda and I went back to Pennsylvania (Harrisburg) for the wedding of our good pal Chris Owens and his beautiful bride Allison Hill. I was one of the groomsmen, and Greg Stakor was the best man. The morning of the wedding, the ladies got their hair done. All morning. Us men used the time to eat cinnamon rolls, watch some Borat, and finally spent a full twenty minutes getting dressed.


On the way to the church, however, we realized our fuel level was dangerously low:


And we began to worry about our ability to deliver the groom on time:


But we arrived on time (albeit with an empty tank). The ceremony went off without a hitch, and it really was beautiful. I cried most of the time, because I’m like that. Chris and Allison left the church to a shower of bubbles, and were promptly locked out when they tried to reenter through a side door.


Chris and Allison had invited my family and Amanda’s family to the wedding, so it was great to be able to see them again.


After the ceremony the bridal party rode in a stretch SUV to a garden to take pictures. The limo was sweet, complete with an intimidating-looking sunglass-donning driver. Greg and I ended up in the back seat however, which was several feet higher than the rest of the interior. We had to slouch down and spread eagle to fit our long-legged selves.

At the reception, Chris carried his new bride into the hall when they were announced. This was followed by Greg’s toast, then a family-style dinner. Awesome idea!


Then came the most important part of the day: the dancing.


Don’t forget who got dancing started in the first place: the infamous Table 9.


Amanda and I spent Sunday morning with our families, then started our long trek back to California at 2. We had two layovers scheduled in Atlanta and Salt Lake City. The flight from Atlanta was delayed about an hour, because the plane had just come from Rome and needed a lot of cleaning or what-not. So we deplaned in Salt Lake City three minutes after our next flight was scheduled to take off. They told us they were holding the connecting planes, but when we got to the next terminal, they said, ‘Oh, not this plane. It left fifteen minutes ago.’ So we had to stay at a Hilton overnight in Salt Lake City. We got the next flight to Orange County, at 8:30 Monday morning. We sure enjoyed having to get up early for another flight after traveling all day Sunday!


And for everyone who asked over the weekend whether I had grown more: Yes I have. I’m now 6’5″. Let’s hope that’s the end of any more growing nonsense.

Further Vacation Thoughts

I just wanted to elaborate a bit on Amanda’s story-book summary of our vacation. For one, it was awesome to be able to practice our Spanish so much. There’s probably just as much opportunity to speak it here in SoCal, but I get the feeling people would get offended if you started speaking broken Spanish around here. Like you’re mocking them or something. Maybe I’m just paranoid.

Also, the first time we went to the resort’s humongous pool, we were greeted by a giant inflatable swan. For some reason, every time we saw it, it would be looking in my direction. It was rather haunting, actually. But it did allow plenty of opportunities for the use of the phrase “Stop looking at me, swan.” By the following day, the swan had been dismembered. All that was left was a head and neck piece, and what we believed to be the center ring, floating traumatically about the pool.

Finally, I think you should go back and look at those pictures she posted again. Because if you’re reading this, it means you’re not still in awe over the shear awesomeness of us getting to hold a lion cub.

Aww How cute is that Lion??

Anniversary Vacation to Los Cabos

We are back from a week of relaxation – Los Cabos, Mexico for our 3rd Anniversary! It was sooo nice. We stayed at an all-inclusive resort on the beach. Here are some photos of the resort and the beach.

Resort PoolResort PoolOceanfront JacuzziAmanda at PoolJason Relaxing by PoolView of Beach from Resort restarauntRelaxing in an Oceanfront Hammock

We also did some fun stuff there, like: a climbing wall – very high, somewhat scary, and very challenging:

Amanda half-way up WallAmanda climbingJason Climbing Up

And we rode a zip-line from the resort down to the beach – not as exciting as it sounds:

And Off he Goes??Jason with Resort Activities Employees- Ready to ZIPAmanda on Zip Line

And played tennis on a rooftop tennis court (with beautiful view):

Beuatiful View on the roof!Jason’s a Wicked Tennis Player!

Most of our time was spent at the resort, relaxing, lying by the pool or beach and eating and drinking! But we did go into town (Cabo San Lucas) one day for a boat ride out to see Land’s End and Lover’s Beach:

On boat at Land’s EndThe Arch at Land’s EndLover’s Beach

And also, to hold a baby lion:

A baby Lion (male) and usLion trying to bite AmandaAww How cute is that Lion??

At the resort, we had nightly shows – one Mexican show was very good – and we were in it. (jk) And great dinners!

Mexican FIESTAEl Quetzal- a buffet restaraunt

It was a GREAT 3rd Anniversary:

The Resort Staff made us a cake for our Anniversary!wimg_4287.jpg


Amanda and I will be on vacation in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico starting, well, now. Until next weekend. If you need to get in touch with us, we’ll be checking our cell phones once a day, so leave a message after that beeping sound. And don’t fret for the animals, a good buddy of ours is house-sitting till we get back. Expect lots of tropical pictures upon our return!

P.S. In case you haven’t heard, which I think is mostly impossible, Blizzard has announced StarCraft II. And it looks like it’s going to be pretty similar to the original, which is awesome.


As ashamed as I am to say this, all I want this game to be is an excuse for me to play SC again and still enjoy the pretty graphics my new-ish computer yields.

Two Notes

Javaground, the company I work for, has updated its website. Of particular interest is the company history, much of which I didn’t know myself.

Also, I want to ask everyone to pray for those connected to the Virginia Tech tragedy. Greg Stakor and Carrie Fassett are okay, thankfully. But there are many who need our prayers and support right now.


Freaky Dream Part II

Amanda’s been sick, and she snores when her throat is sore. I think that’s why I had this crazy dream.

I was back in school, and we were on a field trip to the moon. We were driving school buses that could hover around on the surface, kinda like in The Magic School Bus. Also, there were houses and towns and stuff on the moon, but you still had to wear space suits everywhere. So we were driving from one spot to another, checking out different buildings and stuff. And people kept dying. At first it was natural occurences, like at one site an asteroid shower entered the atmosphere and puncture people’s suits like so many burning bullets. Then the deaths started being more malicious. At one site, in a house that had a dirt (or rather, moon-dirt) floor, this liquid metal goo came out of the ground and started grabbing people. Eventually we realized that some evil spirit or something was taking the students. At one point the teachers told the entity that there were certain kids it wasn’t allowed to take, cuz they were honors students or their parents paid more or something. It was kind of like they knew this would happen, but forgot to set the rules or something. The part I remember most, right before I woke up, was when we were driving in our moon-bus to the last site. I told Ryan Quinn that I wasn’t going to go, because it was stupid and I’d most likely die. He told me he was going to go just to make me mad. And I did get mad, because it was all so pointless and stupid. The bus driver (who was also a teacher) yelled at me when I said I wasn’t going to go, and said I’d have to reimburse the principle the $60 it cost for us to get to the moon. I said fine, and woke up.

Below are some pictures I took of my dream.


The Ugly Side of the Internet

Hello loyal fans. I’ve been gettings tons of spam comments on this blog, like 5 or so a day, and it’s getting really annoying. So I’ve had to require people to “log in” to before they can leave comments. Registering is simple and free, and it should keep you logged in if you’re using a personal computer. If this cause a problem for anyone, let me know. I want everyone to be able to speak their mind. Except for those whose minds consist of “Okldjhdk deposit casino” and “Freddie Mac, the mortgage company, reported that the average for 30-year, fixed-rate mortgages fell this past week to 6.31 percent.”