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Weekend Updates

Bob and his girl Mikayla came down to Laguna for a surprise visit last weekend, and we had a good time. For those of you who haven’t met her, (which, I think, is everybody), Mikayla is a cool kat, and she’s already figured out how to handle Bob, so kudos to her for that one. Saturday night Bob’s friend hooked us up with mad discounts at this really fancy Mediterranean restaurant where he works. It’s the kind of place my parents would go and not bring us kids. Being a seafood hater, it was only natural for me to order the Ahi Tuna. It was actually pretty good, although medium rare seems to mean “cooked just enough to defrost the center.” Afterwards we went to the beach to have a bonfire. We had everything we could possibly need packed up in the car, but when we got there, the gate for the parking lot was closed. Apparently the ocean closes down sometime before midnight. So instead we went back home and had a fire in our fireplace. Now Amanda and I have to figure out what to do with a mini-keg of Heineken, since we don’t drink beer. We also spent some time playing some games with the neighbors on Friday, and gave blood on Sunday.

This Friday we hung out with Steven & Eva Stark, a really cool couple from our church. We went to Olive Garden, then hung out at their place after they put the kids to bed. Last night we went to a Ducks game in Anaheim with an older couple from our church as well.
Amanda’s helping to organize a Kenya Mission Trip with Colette, and her husband Kim (yes, he’s a man) is actually an AP Computer Science teacher, so that was cool hanging out with him.

In mostly unrelated news, I’ve had a bad cold since Monday, I haven’t had a voice since Tuesday, and I missed half a day of work on Wednesday. Although I wonder if that barely-dead fish I ate was sick as well…

Midgets Make For Horrible Dreams… But Excellent Nightmares!

I had a dream last night where Grandpa Mac was driving this giant school bus, the size of an 18-wheeler, around Harrison City. Ryan Quinn and I were riding in the front two seats, and my grandpa was driving from the back seat somehow. We were driving up Regola, and Ryan and I saw this little kid playing in the street in front of Chris Matechan’s house. We thought it was funny that my grandpa was driving right for the kid, until we realized that he couldn’t see her, so we shouted for him to stop. He didn’t stop nearly early enough, and he had to drive up to the Stakors’ to turn the truck-bus around. We drove back down the hill, and when we jumped out of the bus, we found that it wasn’t a little child but a middle-aged woman whom we had run over. Her leg was all twisted and disfigured, but when we tried to call 911 she hobbled away and said she didn’t need our help. She went into the Matechan’s house, which I guess was her house, and we saw that she was having a whole midget-party, with all her midget relatives. I spent the rest of the dream playing with her fat midget-kids, trying to convince her that I was friendly enough to watch her kids while she went to the hospital to get her leg reattached correctly.

I wish I had pictures to post here too, but I don’t because it was only a dream. Maybe if I get inspired I’ll draw some pictures and add them later.

Doguanasitter Needed!

Help! Amanda and I are in desperate need of someone in the Laguna area to watch our dog and iguana. It would be from December 23rd to January 1st, and we would reward you moderately handsomely (though not as handsomely as what we’d have to reward the airlines to take Teddie with us). I don’t think it’d be too demanding as far as doguanasitting goes: Teddie needs out two or three times a day, and can stay at our place or yours. He’s a well-behaved dog, even around other dogs and kids, but you just need to make sure he doesn’t sneak out the door or he’ll run away. Yoda the iguana just needs fed every other day, with the possible minor cage cleaning. Come on, how could you refuse a face like this:

Or this:

Or together:

Let me know if you’d be interested.

Christmas Plans

Heyo Pennsylvanias: Amanda and I are coming to town! We’ll be in Harrison City from December 23rd to January 1st. The rough idea is that we’ll be spending most of our time with Jason’s family in the first half of the week, then more with Amanda’s family in the latter half. Hopefully we’ll find some time to chill with friends in the mix there. We’re thinking of having our annual New Years party at the Portsers again this year, to leave with a bang (literally, if Mogush shows up again this year). Just be aware that our flight leaves Pittsburgh at six in the morning, so we’ll be going straight from the party to the airport. Ugh.




I’ll probably be sending out formal invitations in a few, but leave a comment if you think you’ll be coming, not coming, or are just plain interested.

Out with the Old, In with the New

We’ve had a lot of changes recently.

—Old Shoes—
Old Shoes

—New Shoes—

—Old Car—
img_3202.JPGimg_3198.JPGMy Old Car

—New Car—
New Car on the BeachNew Car Color- Midnight Blueimg_3249.JPG

—Old Dog—
Old Dog

—New Dog—

… Just kidding.

We bought our first car ever! It is a Used 2006 Chrysler Sebring Convertible. It is a midnight blue color with a black cloth top. I traded in my old 1993 LeBaron Convertible finally (it was sooo sad, like losing a faithful dog). The new car is really nice, though. We bought it with 15,000 miles on it, although we have put many more miles on it since getting it and driving up and down the beach! We’re excited to have a convertible that we can open the doors to get in (instead of climbing in with the roof down in the old car because the door hinges were rusting off). We’ve got one of those cool computers in the dashboard that tells you how many mpg you are currently getting. It also has a compass in it and tells you how many miles until you need gas. All in all, it was a stressful but rewarding experience.
img_3243.JPGNew Car Interiorimg_3235.JPGA sweet dashboard!

Amanda’s Landed a Dream Job!

Well, I finally got a job out here in SoCal…. and I LOVE it. I am working in a family practice office for a doctor who has been a GP for 20 years. He has two offices- one right on Laguna Beach and one about an hour north of my home. So far, I have been scheduled to work pretty exclusively at the Laguna office, luckily. The commute is only 6 miles, no traffic, with a view of the beach along the way. I love the job. I am working part-time– about 20-24 hours per week. And, I LOVE what I do. I basically work alone with a nurse and a receptionist. I never see the doctor I work for (I can reach him by cell phone if I have questions). I see patients who schedule routine appointments and also we see walk-in patients for urgent care. I will also start working in the OB/GYN clinic one day per week and the Pedicatric clinic one day per week starting in November. So, it is a little bit of everything in general practice.

Below are pictures of the outside of my office and the georgeous view from when I step outside after work to see the sun setting over the ocean.

The Office Building I Work InAnother picture of the outside of the officeCaduceus Medical- the physician group I work for.Stepping outside of my officeI can See the Ocean!

Update on Life

So yeah, you probably haven’t heard from me in a while. Here’s a brief low down, and I plan to expand later. The beta for the game I’m programming is due tomorrow. (Although I’m still waiting for Sony’s server to work so I can test networking, for the final animations for most of my characters, for my producer to make up his mind about key aspects of the game, and for me to finish all the little things I’ve been pushing off until now.) Amanda finally found a job and starts tomorrow. We need a new car since Amanda’s Lebaron is on its last rusty legs, so we’ve been trying to make that decision. And finally, I need new shoes, because mine squeak, leak, and are generally falling apart. So I hope you can understand the general busy-ness that we’ve been facing. As I said, I plan to elaborate on most of this stuff, but I need to go back to work now (I’ve been working weekends for a while now, but Amanda usually comes with me to test my game, so that’s swell). In the meantime, here’s two links I hope you might find inspiring.

Zombie Rights March Protested By Pirates

WYEP’s 100 Top American Albums

Tabula Rasa

Welcome to the as-of-yet unnamed website of the MacAllister family, being Jason Michael Wertz, Amanda Lois, Teddie Bear and Yoda! This is a place for us to link to cool stuff, share pictures, and do the occassional blogging. But most of all, it’s a way for us to keep in touch with our friends and family. (Yoda doesn’t actually have any friends, but she just likes to be high-tech.)

With the millions of bloggers out there, it’s amazing that anyone actually reads anyone else’s writing. With that in mind, I intend to only write about things that are interesting, or important. I don’t expect anyone to read my blogs religiously, but feel free to stop by, check out some pictures, and say hi every once in a while. Keep in touch, and God bless!