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Surfing in the Rain

A couple of Saturdays ago, I went surfing with Gabe and Mike in San Clemente. The cool part was that it was raining. It was sprinkling off and on, and we decided that we would go during one of the “off” periods. Once we were out there, the drizzle started again. It was awesome to hear the rain splashing into the sea with a gentle hiss. After it let up, there was the most magnificent rainbow I have ever seen, extending from a pier into the sky over the ocean.

Shortly thereafter, it started to really rain. A storm rolled in from the sea, and was pouring right into our eyes, so much so that we could hardly see the waves coming towards us. I couldn’t help but laugh at how thrilling it was to be out there. It was also interesting showering in the rain, and trying to drive through huge rushing currents of water flowing down and across the parking lot.

Whale Watching in Santa Barbara

Blue Whale Spout

We went on a whale-watching trip in Santa Barbara when the Macs were in town. I know, that was over a month ago, but I just finished compiling the video now. It’s about seven minutes long, and has a lot of good shots of blue whales, the largest animals to ever roam the earth. Unless you count boulders as animals. Which most people don’t. Here’s the video: Whale Watching in Santa Barbara

I’m not sure if this video will work. If not, I suppose I’ll try out that YouTube business you kids are always talking about.

Further Vacation Thoughts

I just wanted to elaborate a bit on Amanda’s story-book summary of our vacation. For one, it was awesome to be able to practice our Spanish so much. There’s probably just as much opportunity to speak it here in SoCal, but I get the feeling people would get offended if you started speaking broken Spanish around here. Like you’re mocking them or something. Maybe I’m just paranoid.

Also, the first time we went to the resort’s humongous pool, we were greeted by a giant inflatable swan. For some reason, every time we saw it, it would be looking in my direction. It was rather haunting, actually. But it did allow plenty of opportunities for the use of the phrase “Stop looking at me, swan.” By the following day, the swan had been dismembered. All that was left was a head and neck piece, and what we believed to be the center ring, floating traumatically about the pool.

Finally, I think you should go back and look at those pictures she posted again. Because if you’re reading this, it means you’re not still in awe over the shear awesomeness of us getting to hold a lion cub.

Aww How cute is that Lion??

Wow I Need to Post More Often

Yeah, not a big post today. Just wanted to let y’all know that I hate DRM. And that’s bad, because I hardly hate anything.

In better news, Gamasutra’s front page article yesterday was a press release for a bunch of mobile games from Sony. Or should I say, JAVAGROUND??? Yeah, many of the games on there were developed by us. Way cool.

In even better news, it suddenly got way hot, I’m sweating out of my fingertips, and going insane with joy about it. I love the heat.

Uh… Monthly Update?

Man, has it been that long since I posted last? I’ve come to the conclusion that time sucks. Otherwise it wouldn’t go so fast.

A run down of what’s happened with Amanda and I since last we blogged:

  • Went whale watching. Saw a megapod of dolphins; literally thousands of them. Is megapod a word? Hmm, yes it is. Means having large feet.
  • Enjoyed 300. Dreamed about seeing it 300 more times.
  • Went surfing for the second time. Caught a wave!
  • Had Chris in town for a long weekend. Saved for him the worst California weather this year.
  • Got no house cleaning done.
  • Beat Half-Life 2. Yeah I know, nobody cares.
  • Got shot in the face with an airsoft gun.
  • Had my cousins Lindsay and Reed here for their spring break. Reveled in electronic gaming goodness.
  • Went to dinner and a theatre performance in L.A. For free. Baby’s on the half-tip!
  • Didn’t go to Mexico.

I would like to elaborate on most of these topics, so expect more posts soon. Maybe I’ll do one a day; gee, wouldn’t that be exciting? And of course I’ll include pretty pictures to go with the words. In the meantime, here’s a sneak preview of what you can expect:

Palm Trees!Dolphins!Deception!Confusion!Disgust!Big Hats!

San Diego Wild Animal Park

Heyo. Amanda and I just got back from the Wild Animal Park in Escondido, which is past Vista. Heh heh. So anyway, we took a ton of pics, and here they are. This place was much cooler than a zoo because the animals have a wide area to roam. The scenery and plant life was breath-taking.

Check it out (you may have to save it to your computer to view the whole final image):


Kilima Point 2Kilima Point 1

Weekend Updates

Bob and his girl Mikayla came down to Laguna for a surprise visit last weekend, and we had a good time. For those of you who haven’t met her, (which, I think, is everybody), Mikayla is a cool kat, and she’s already figured out how to handle Bob, so kudos to her for that one. Saturday night Bob’s friend hooked us up with mad discounts at this really fancy Mediterranean restaurant where he works. It’s the kind of place my parents would go and not bring us kids. Being a seafood hater, it was only natural for me to order the Ahi Tuna. It was actually pretty good, although medium rare seems to mean “cooked just enough to defrost the center.” Afterwards we went to the beach to have a bonfire. We had everything we could possibly need packed up in the car, but when we got there, the gate for the parking lot was closed. Apparently the ocean closes down sometime before midnight. So instead we went back home and had a fire in our fireplace. Now Amanda and I have to figure out what to do with a mini-keg of Heineken, since we don’t drink beer. We also spent some time playing some games with the neighbors on Friday, and gave blood on Sunday.

This Friday we hung out with Steven & Eva Stark, a really cool couple from our church. We went to Olive Garden, then hung out at their place after they put the kids to bed. Last night we went to a Ducks game in Anaheim with an older couple from our church as well.
Amanda’s helping to organize a Kenya Mission Trip with Colette, and her husband Kim (yes, he’s a man) is actually an AP Computer Science teacher, so that was cool hanging out with him.

In mostly unrelated news, I’ve had a bad cold since Monday, I haven’t had a voice since Tuesday, and I missed half a day of work on Wednesday. Although I wonder if that barely-dead fish I ate was sick as well…

Doguanasitter Needed!

Help! Amanda and I are in desperate need of someone in the Laguna area to watch our dog and iguana. It would be from December 23rd to January 1st, and we would reward you moderately handsomely (though not as handsomely as what we’d have to reward the airlines to take Teddie with us). I don’t think it’d be too demanding as far as doguanasitting goes: Teddie needs out two or three times a day, and can stay at our place or yours. He’s a well-behaved dog, even around other dogs and kids, but you just need to make sure he doesn’t sneak out the door or he’ll run away. Yoda the iguana just needs fed every other day, with the possible minor cage cleaning. Come on, how could you refuse a face like this:

Or this:

Or together:

Let me know if you’d be interested.